FirstEdge Knives

About FirstEdge

The FirstEdge Knife & Tool Company develops innovative and highly functional products to solve real-life problems, by Enabling Innovation that comes from Active Military & Uniformed Personnel Experience. FirstEdge’s seasoned Management, Design and Production Teams, with over 120 years of collective Knife & Tool experience, have expert ability and knowledge in developing successful patentable products and bringing them to market in the Knife & Tool Segment. With the support of the U.S. Special Forces, FirstEdge designed and built a superior line of Fixed Blade and Folding Knives. FirstEdge knives and Sheaths are proudly MADE IN THE USA. 

Note: They can be ordered online, but All are Special Order items (not in stock). I will bring within 2-4 weeks of an order (as long as in stock w/supplier).

Here’s an article, showing the the Elmax steel used in these knives, is in the “Ultra Premium” category, higher than CPM S30V & CPM S35VN.

** Note: Zero Tolerance, FirstEdge are ALL Free Shipping !!