Extreme Watches

Awesome Watchess of the Highest Rugged Quality, Fit for Special Ops and For Your Extreme Sport Activities !!

A traser® H3 watch is a Swiss made quality product with an unsurpassed readability in darkness. The trigalight® illumination of a traser® H3 watch is independent of a battery and does not need sunlight for charging. A traser® H3 watch is robust, reliable, and standardized according to military specifications........ trigalight® are small, airtight sealed glass tubes, coated on the inside with a luminous substance and filled with tritium gas. Electrons emitted from the gas excite the material to give off a permanent, cold light. trigalight® have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years.

Note: These items are available with various strap options and some have dial colour options.  I will have some in stock in near future, but for now, I'm taking special orders, to your custom options. ** Non-Sapphire Cyrstal models can be upgraded to a Sapphire Crystal for an additional cost. Enquire.

True Story from Jeff;
I bought my Black Storm Pro (special tactical edition) while in Royal Marines Commando Training back in 2006, accepted as some of the most arduous military training in the world. From there it served 5 more years on my wrist while I served as a Royal Marine Commando, which included a 7 month combat tour of Afghanistan, not to mention the other numerous riggers of military life. Since then it has, and continues to travel the world doing both private security work in some of the more undesirable counties of the world while also serving my casual and formal needs, whether it be wearing a suit or lying on the beach. It has jumped out of aircraft and dived underwater too. It has very seldom ever left my wrist and has most definitely been put through its paces. In the now 9 years I have had it, I have had to change the strap only once, the dial once only because it was worn (not damaged) and the battery twice that I can recall – it has also never lost or gained time. Also, the face still to this day does not have one scratch on it and has never been replaced.

I can guarantee you that I will never wear another brand of watch, no matter how ‘fancy’ or ‘prestigious’ that brand may be. For as long as Traser is in business, I will only wear Traser watches! Truly a brilliant and amazing brand of quality!

I've Decided to put ALL traser watches on Promo Pricing !!! (No other promos apply during this promo...Prices listed are final sale prices)