Extreme Watches

Awesome Watchess of the Highest Rugged Quality, Fit for Special Ops and For Your Extreme Sport Activities !!

A traser® H3 watch is a Swiss made quality product with an unsurpassed readability in darkness. The trigalight® illumination of a traser® H3 watch is independent of a battery and does not need sunlight for charging. A traser® H3 watch is robust, reliable, and standardized according to military specifications........ trigalight® are small, airtight sealed glass tubes, coated on the inside with a luminous substance and filled with tritium gas. Electrons emitted from the gas excite the material to give off a permanent, cold light. trigalight® have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years.

** NOW  – Luminox is Coming to OPA Extreme !!  I am very excited and look forward to supplying ya’ll with some great watches.

Check out their website, as setting these items up on my website will take a long while, and I am in the works.

In the meantime, browse their site and Contact me with the watch(s) you desire and lets get your pre-order/special order in ASAP !!

** 10% OFF All Pre-Orders !!