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The Pro Hear II+ really steps up the game with a 12 band gain adjustment, three layered noise reduction and advanced adaptive feedback cancellation to add up to 22 dB of added stable gain.  All of that means that you get the ability to hear the faint sounds you could not hear before with incredible clarity and focus while still protecting your hearing from loud or impulse sounds. The two channels are programmed to be responsive to a wide range of noise intensities, something you cannot get with other two channel BTE’s.  The Pro Hear II+ is truly the hunter’s best friend. 

  • Fully digital signal processing on two channels using push button select
  • Impulse Sound Suppression set at 85 dB
  • Wind Screen
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceling
  • Static Feedback Manager
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Directional microphone
  • High Fidelity sound quality,
  • Dynamic Contrast Detection
  • Adjustable Volume Control rotational dial
  • Low Battery and Program Change tones
  • We use only Ultra-soft Comply Foam Tips1 for a secure, comfortable fit

* Impulse Sound Suppression set at 85 dB
    * Gain setting at 17 dB on channel one and 22 dB on channel two
    * Exceptionally low THD at < 2%
    * Typical 120 hour battery life using 312 type battery
    * Ultra compact size and weight less then ?� oz
    * One year warranty

All units come with: Compact hard-shell carry case, #312 battery, cleaning tool, three size ComplyTM Foam Tips N- 50, user’s Manual and ear plug.

** Special Order Item.

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