Nine Line - Blue Lives Matter L/S T-Shirt

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  • Front: Blue Lives Matter
  • Right Sleeve: NineLineApparel American Flag


Lately, our nation has been shaken to its core with violence, murder, and public dissent. The actions of the few are causing hatred of the majority, and those who have sworn to serve and protect our communities are being ostracized by the very citizens for whom they put their lives on the line every single day. Amidst the hatred, the judgement, the prejudice, we at Nine Line implore the people to recognize the sacrifices that these individuals make every single day. When a store is burglarized, they respond. When a home is invaded, they respond. When parent or child is murdered, they respond. They come No matter how dangerous the circumstances, or how certain the outcome, they uphold their duty and the law. And when they are senselessly killed in the line of duty, we must honor their sacrifice. BLUE LIVES MATTER.

Comes in Two Models… choice w/ Slogan on Front or Back of Shirt…. Colours: Black & Heavy Metal Grey

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Size Chest Front Length Sleeve Length
S 37" 28" 26"
M 40" 29” 26.5"
L 43" 30" 27"
XL 47" 31" 27.5"
2XL 51" 32" 28"

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