Nine Line - All Rifles Matter Hoodie

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$ 52.49
SKU/Code: 05ARM
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  • Front: All Rifles Matter
  • Right Sleeve: NineLineApparel American Flag


Sure, everyone has a preference of the type and size of rifle that they choose to arm themselves with. Some gun owners choose to have a variety of rifles of varying specs. One should never judge a man by his rifle. It is his choice, and that should be respected. Whether it’s long or short, full auto or semi, magazine or belt fed, they are all rifles, and they all matter.

Comes in various colours and sizes from  Small  to  3-XL   ….   Choose $12 Shipping option on check out

Size Chest Body Length (At Back) Sleeve Length
S 20" 28" 34.125"
M 22" 29” 35.125"
L 24" 30" 36.125"
XL 26" 31" 37.125"
2XL 28" 32" 37.625"
3XL 30" 33" 38.125"
4XL 32" 34" 38.625"

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